Arda Mühendislik



For us ,Arda Grup, reaching out to underserved communities is part of our DNA. As Arda Grup,we aimed to get over business interests and struggle with ‘life quality’ difficulties that non-developped societies faced with and to create a significiant difference. Application Process: Identification of Projects. All projects are in a participatory manner, consulting with the community, literally sitting with them and identify their basic needs. It is decided and discussed on the projects that the local people are involved in and which have been identified as priority with the participatory rural assessment task management and by managing process effectively. The main focus areas are Education, Health Services, Sustainable Social Life and Infrastructure Development. We are trying to establish basic services that form the basis of sustainable development in the field of infrastructure

Housing activities

Clean Drinking Water Wells

Cleaning and Hygiene

Renewable energy sources


Collaborative partnerships have been established with the Government, Regional Authorities, Village Leaders, NGOs and other shareholders. The collective expertise that this Partnership brings to the table helps to expand the Company's access to wisdom and experience.

In collaboration with FICCI, By establishing the CSR Center of Excellence, Arda Group made CSR an integral part of its corporate culture. The company focuses on comprehensive growth, well-known programs and national platforms such as CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM.


A special budget is allocated to ensure the continuity of such activities.