Arda Mühendislik




I sincerely believe in the vision and mission of our country.In order to create education,information,development and business,I consumed the time by working without wasting.As Grup,Our most important principal is to manage the time and have the power when managing.

To have a strong willpower and to aim this power to a goal by gathering our internal powers as a lens .The person who can control himself,can manage easily the cases,subjects,senses and other people. The key of the success is to show the power of applying plans without diverging goals thanks to the internal discipline.
Without considering successful or not,every people have 24 hours in a day.The fact that creates the difference is how this time is used. You understand the value and importance of time when acting with a certain sense of purpose and direction. It must consume the time by producing.Can not have anything without working,getting tired and laboring.M.Kemal Atatürk have a nice saying: ‘The societies who desires to live comfortable without working,getting tired and producing,are bound to lose firstly their honours,independences,future and their futurities.’’
Since our establishment; we continued our development and growth thanks to the importance we gave to knowledge, change,being human-oriented and ethical values.
When this continuation struggle continues, I am very grateful to be taking steps forward to the future with my young, dynamic employees who always doesn’t hesitate to take part in mission with their work, perseverance, effort and loyalty

Arda Group; is a world-renowned and well-known company with disciplined and honest work. Using technology and knowledge at the highest level,gives importance to self-development and growth it continues its existence by raising the bar every day with its corporate structure, quality solution and efforts to provide better service to its customers.
In today's world market, we believe competition is a matter of duty. In this way renewing ourselves, making new investments, we are announcing Turkey quality and strength to the world. 
In spite of the economic fluctuation,we never lost our belief to our country's’ development,dynamisme and growth. We made investments in infrastructure projects and tourism and have convinced foreign financial institutions to invest in our country by fighting with our strengths.
We will strive to create unity of mind and benefit together with our employees, our customers, our shareholders and other business partners, especially our country.We didn’t and will not give up our way and goals that we proceed through our faith in the power of God and the belief that justice will win.