Arda Mühendislik



Arda Grup has an integrated system having its  corporate building and universal ethical rules. 

By operating with ISO 9001  quality standards in various regions in the World,Arda Grup is in service with its team with youthful management and specialised technical team  –inquisitive,open to development and change,dynamic.

With the experience over a half of century ,Arda Group is an ambitious group having a fast, high quality and practical solutions about ‘transportation’ and ‘production’ issues in construction field and an expert human resources

The experience gained in half of a century and specialised  in high quality and practical solutions,has come to present.

ARDA Group, a member of United Nations (UN) General Secretariat, attaches importance to UN working principles

In Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Arda Grup was ranked as first 25 company at sector 637 in 2014. In 2015 Country rank, we had place in first 300, and in sector group we had place in first 13 companies. In 2016, Arda Grup rank’s was in first 500 of Country Most Ranked companies and in our sector, our place was in first 18 companies. Since 2014, production line for composite materials is established, especially in advance technology and defense industry.